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Same Day Crown

Same Day Crown services offered in El Dorado, AR

A same day crown offers restoration for your tooth in just one visit. Through his self-named practice, cosmetic and family dentistry specialist W. Paul Burns, DDS, serves the community of El Dorado, Arkansas, placing same day crowns. If you’d like to book a visit, try the easy online scheduling page, or call to check appointment availability.

Same Day Crown Q&A

What is a same day crown?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped artificial “cap” that covers all visible portions of your natural tooth. Crowns are among the most popular dental restorations, largely because they can correct a number of different issues while keeping the root portion of your tooth healthy and in place. 

  1. Paul Burns, DDS, has the training and CEREC equipment needed to craft your dental crowns right in the office while you wait. This means no need to have a temporary crown attached while a dental lab fabricates your new crown. You walk out with your restored smile on the same day. 

How are same day crowns crafted?

The process begins with an exam to determine if a same day crown is the right treatment for your needs. Your dentist begins by removing some of your tooth tissue to prepare for the crown. A local anesthetic eliminates all sensation in the treatment area, so you remain comfortable from start to finish.

Intraoral scanning gathers details on the size and shape of your tooth, which the crown fabrication software uses to make a custom-crafted dental restoration. You simply rest, relax, or even listen to music while your crown is created in the office. Same day crowns are crafted from zirconia, a special type of ceramic. 

Once it’s ready, your dentist checks it for fit and appearance, then uses dental cement to secure it in place. Same day crowns are shaded to create a great match with your adjacent natural teeth.

How can I take great care of my same day crown?

Your new crown is durable, but taking great care of it can help it last even longer. As with your natural teeth, you should avoid biting down on items like pens or pencils, and don’t chew ice. These actions can place significant stress on your crown.

You should also maintain a solid dental hygiene routine. Gum disease and dental decay can cause your crown to loosen, which requires another appointment to have it resecured or replaced.

Be sure to schedule routine dental exams and professional cleanings to keep your teeth and gums in top condition. Your dentist checks your crown during each of these visits. When you’re ready to schedule, book with W. Paul Burns, DDS, online or over the phone in just moments.