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Everyone knows that straight teeth give you a beautiful smile. Did you know that straighter teeth can also affect your overall health?

Crooked or misaligned teeth, also known as malocclusion, affects 74% of American adults.

Left untreated, crooked teeth can lead to periodontal disease and create abnormal amounts of stress on teeth and jaws, which can lead to premature wear.

The effects of crooked teeth can worsen overtime and may adversely affect your overall health. Common types of misalignments include crowding, spacing, deep bite open bite, cross bite, edge to edge bite and excessive over jet. crooked teeth can affect your bite, creating unnatural stress and pressure leading to premature wear. Teeth that are subject to excessive pressure can develop chipping and notches at the gumline. Overtime, the excessive force may also cause flattened or worn-down teeth, or chipping and fractures at the edges of teeth Additionally, a bad bite may produce improper forces on the jaw joint that may lead to pain in the jaw, earache, and even headaches. Premature wear can lead to gum recession, poor bone support at the roots loose teeth and eventually tooth loss. Teeth that fit together correctly last longer and are likely to need less costly dentistry in the future. Correctly positioning your teeth for proper alignment and function will help prevent future dental problems and make a significant difference toward a healthy mouth and keeping your teeth for life.

Ask your doctor and hygienist today about Invisalign. A series of clear aligners that are custom made to gradually move and align your teeth and start on the road to a healthier you today.


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You want to provide the best that technology has to offer to your patients. It’s convenience, its time, it’s quality products. One of the unique processes that we have here in the office is the ability to provide one appointment crowns for our patients. The accuracy of our imaging and the accuracy of their product are amazing. With this system, the patient comes in. We prepare the tooth, we scan it, we send that scan over to our milling unit and that milling unit mills out the crown. It looks pretty chalking, but this goes up to about 2700 degrees for about 15 minutes and solidifies it crystallises it, and then it’s cools and you polish it and put it the patient’s mouth. That takes anywhere from two to three weeks in most places and then about an hour and a half patient walking out the door. It’s so nice for a patient to say well how many visits is this going to take and you say well actually it’s only going to take one visit and people love it.


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The standard of care in the country is, you have a problem. You go to the dentist who fixes it. That’s all well and good. It’s a standard care in the country. I felt like I was treating symptoms but I wasn’t treating the problem There are reasons teeth crack and break. There are reasons that you have headaches. There are reasons that your teeth don’t fit together properly. Bio rejuvenation dentistry is a method to treat a patient that allows us to restore a complete dentition in the most minimally invasive way that dentistry allows. We begin by putting a patient in an orthotic which is a mouthpiece and they wear that for a period of time. When you create that stable system, you are giving the patient a pathway to have as little dentistry done as possible. Well, we try to do is not remove any natural tooth structure. We are doing what we call positive tooth addition onto their natural dentition. So, we’re building and not taking away. Your smile is the first thing that people see about you. If I had it do all over again, I would do nothing differently. I would be here tomorrow and I would go through the process again and again and again. I think if I looked at this like I’m a two fixer, I think I would feel very differently about it, but I don’t look at it that way so much of it is reengineering the mouth. There are not a lot of dentists around that do it.


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If our teeth were houses, do you think they would stand the test of time? See cavities act like termites trying to tear down our walls and our jaw and tongue batter them like a constant storm. Without a stable oral foundation, we can experience cracked or damaged teeth, receding gums and even headaches or neck and shoulder pain. If we only apply a cosmetic fix to these problems, they’ll continue to occur. Fortunately, there are highly trained dentists, like Doctor Paul Burns who can not only eliminate cavities but also fix the underlying cause of these problems. To see how, let’s meet Mary. She’s normally smiling, but feels worn down by a TMJ condition that now requires pain medication. After searching for a better solution, she finds out about a proven treatment method taught at the Stewart Centre. She’s excited because it works for all ages and is based on decades of research and clinical successes. The comprehensive approach takes into account the way our teeth, jaw joints, muscles and nerves all work together to create a healthy, comfortable bite and a gorgeous smile. Mary starts a treatment programme receiving a customized, nearly invisible orthotic that fits comfortably over her upper teeth. Like other patients, she wears it 24/7 for a few weeks to align at centre her jaw joint and Wow Mary is amazed at how quickly her pain disappears. Dr.Burns, stabilisers her bite by restoring her chipped and worn teeth and by replacing a few old crowns. After seeing Mary’s results, her husband Bob decides it’s time to fix his worn teeth and receding gums. With the right dental care Mary and Bob are soon enjoying the healthy mouths and gorgeous smiles they always wanted. They both look and feel younger and now have more confidence than ever and they sleep soundly now that Mary’s pain free. To learn how to strengthen your oral foundation, contact Doctor Burns today.